Yellow Valance With Blind Ideas For Kitchen

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Blue And Yellow Valance

Yellow valance – Curtains and blinds dress kitchen windows and can be a way to offer to add a pop of color. Look at the existing layout of the kitchen to play all present to themes or to introduce something new, such as a graphic print or a bright color. When the coupling of a valance with a blind, allow one to act as a background and the other in order to distinguish itself as a central point.
Hang a bamboo or matchstick blind in the kitchen window and pair with a swag valance. Swag valances characteristic lower hang at the sides than in the middle. Try a modern floral pattern with bright pops of fuchsia, lime and lemon, yellow valance. Pair it with a chocolate colored matchstick blind to a neutral background. If your kitchen is equipped with bright colors though, use a floral pattern that helps keep the color for a uniform look.
Hang a box pleat valance with wide slat blinds on a kitchen window. Boxed pleat valances showcase two different kinds of fabric and the bottom is visible in places. Many styles will include a patterned side and a smooth side. This type yellow valance can be purchased or sewn at home depending on your sewing options. For the blinds, slat wood blinds will work for many kitchens.

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