Wool Shag Rug Handmade

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Wool Shag Rug Hanmade

Your home will benefit from the warmth and character of a wool shag rug handmade, either purchased or made for you. Although the plush carpets are easy to make, they take time and work is repetitive. Wool shag rug can be made from a wide variety of wool, depending on your budget, your taste and the expected wear.
The materials needed to make a wool shag rug are simple and easy to find. You will need a canvas mat, which looks like graph paper made ​​of coarse fibers, a needle catch, wool, permanent pen, tape, a needle, thread and welt. Some people use tape instead of piping, but this gives the carpet a more elegant and professional look, and make it more durable.
When choosing wool shag rug, has several details in mind, First, consider the fibers used in the wool. The fleece made ​​of natural fibers is more durable than synthetic, but stain easily. The synthetic wool is easier to be worked, but tends to unravel. In most cases, the best choice is the synthetic wool blended with natural fibers such as cotton, silk and wool. You can buy the balls of wool and cut them into small pieces that will be used to create the carpet, thereby it is possible to keep the size of the wires.

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