Wonderful In Industrial Round Dining Table

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Formal Industrial Round Dining Table

The industrial round dining table are a classic design, are not very common in the decorations of Spanish homes. Despite being functionally wonderful and a beauty in terms of design. In my opinion they are more harmonious than the typical rectangular table. And also seem to be a trend in the interior design projects of Scandinavian-style homes.

If we talk about round tables everyone comes to mind the great Tulip table of Saarinen with the matching chairs. But not only is this solution. Today I bring some great ideas of how to decorate your dining room with a industrial round dining table. It is a very good decorative option and an easy way to change the look from your dining room. We will take advantage of to see which chairs are better.

Almost everyone agrees to combine industrial round dining table, whatever its design and material with the Eames chairs. Athough it is not necessary that they are all the same. As for the color of the chairs, you can make a monochromatic white set and create the contrast with a black wall, or take advantage of the color of the chairs, we see in some images beautiful turquoise, green, red, yellow and purple tones, cuts nothing, uses bright and flashy colors.

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