White Valances: Elegant And Airy Looks

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Black And White Valances

White valances can give excellent contrast with its red color, while header matches. In addition to its interesting prints, boats and compasses, valance hanging dolphin figurines, as a kind of mobile. One of function that border is marked contours. One is in form of attachable long strip, covering four walls of room. other is fabric, and is used as top of curtain.
White valances are usually placed along a wall or decorative cloth horizontally. But also they tend to have other positions. Two thin rows of figures with flower shapes in black give a dynamic wall color, white and smooth touch texture that gives vinyl gives a sense of movement. A modern, practical and refreshing design. In addition, vinyl is a very resistant material.
If you want to highlight your windows, choose contrasting colors for your valance and curtains. To choose two colors that contrast sharply with other, you’ll instantly draw eye to windows to become a focal point in room. In a room with a modern decor, a black and white valances combination is surprising. For a softer look, go with a rich blue border with peach-colored curtains. You can match virtually any color of border with transparent white curtains look for simple contrast that gives room a bright, airy appearance.

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