Wall Moldings And Trim Design

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Wall Moldings Ideas

Wall Moldings covers all types of trim used in the home. It can serve a purely decorative function, or can also be used to hide the unfinished edge of the wall. Prints can be made of wood most usually pine or oak.

This article gives a brief description of the type of Wall Moldings are available as well as information that is available to guide you in the use of decorative molding in your home. There are several types of commonly used decorative moldings. These include: the pedestal, cornice, crown, wall mold, and the mold panels. Let’s look at each one separately.

Wall Moldings base is used to finish the wall trim along the floor. Also called mopboard a, baseboard insulate the walls. Ideally, you complete the baseboard casing around doors and windows. A baseboard is commonly found throughout every room in most homes.

Cornice is a decorative mold is placed at the top of the wall. Cornice can be constructed using many pieces of trim. Cornice is a version of the more ornate crown molding. Ornaments include Acanthus leaves, egg and dart, modillions, or dentil among many others. Wall Moldings is also used along the top of the wall. Also called printed bed, they were mounted at an angle additional surface. Crown molding is also used to finish cabinets and a fireplace.



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