Varied Console Table With Drawers

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Console Table With Drawers Idea

The console table with drawers is classic and traditional furniture that has been renewed according to the new trends in shapes, finishes, sizes and materials. The difference of a console with any other type of table lies mainly in its dimensions, there are from 15 to 45 centimeters deep and its height ranges between 90 and 1.05 meters, characteristics that define its function.
Currently, the materials in which the console table with drawers are made are varied, from the classic wood to the elegant marble, as well as stony materials inspired by nature such as slabs, wicker, rattan, bamboo, among others, which do not cease to be exquisite and modern depending on the environment where we want to adapt it. The most common use of a console is in the space intended for reception, such as a hall or hall.
It is the ideal piece of furniture so that, every time you enter your house or apartment, you have a place to place the keys, the portfolio, the bag, the hat, the correspondence, etc. Commonly, the console table with drawers are placed in a place where they can “lean on”, such as a wall, the back of a piece of furniture or even the back of the bed or headboard. Any element that serves as a support can receive a console.

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