Using Copper Curtain Rod

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Style Copper Curtain Rod

Copper curtain rod can be used to display decorative murals or hide a kitchenette with design panels. There are many creative uses for curtains in and around your home to help you decorate in a very affordable yet elegant way. Creative curtain sticks are a great way to show off your own personality in your home.

Curtain rail accents

Using copper curtain rod as creative accents allows them to use outside the shower or windows. Hang on a wall behind a bed instead of a head board, or hang one on either side of a head dashboard. Choose between different colors and patterns of panels decoratively hanging on the rods. This modern home decor is sure to showcase your personality.

Curtain Doors

Using shower curtains hanging panels or curtains in doorways is a great way to share or section of a room on special occasions. Copper curtain rod can also be a creative way to hide shelves or messy shelters. Hang a curtain rod at the top of your pantry or wrinkle, and then hang curtains or panels to decorate. Hanging a wall painting on a wall can sometimes be a challenge. Use a curtain rod to hang paintings, collage, specialty paper or paper bonds. Crafts stores offer decorative paper that can be attached to the curtains and hung on a curtain rod as a wall art. These can be replaced as often as you want, so you can change your decor with the seasons. Only hang lightweight material if using a spring loaded curtain rod, as it cannot support heavy materials like the blankets.

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