Upholstered Dining Chair Ideas

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Custom Upholstered Dining Chair

Upholstered dining chair – Light up your home with new redone dining chairs. If your dining chairs show some wear and tear the places look a bit shabby. Perhaps you found some good solid chairs on a property sale. But they need a little pick-me-up. Making dining chairs looks bright and new is easy. It’s not only easy but it’s fast and cheap


Turn upholstered dining chair and remove places by removing the screws on the underside. Put the screws in a glass or jar so that you do not lose them. Hand sand the chair frame easily to get rid of scratches or irregularities. Wipe off with a damp cloth to remove dust. Prime chair with a good primer. Allow to dry for at least two hours or until the primer is no longer sticky. Spray paint chairs with color or surface of your choice. Moving can back and forth in a slow motion. Watch out for color runs. Properly operates a small brush while the color is still wet. Let dry.

Remove the old fabric and cling off the upholstered dining chair. Use old fabric as a pattern. Replace the old fabric with new fabric. Pressed down with straight legs.  Allow an extra two inches around. Cut the fabric. Center fabric on the seat. Align a pattern that is on the fabric. Secure the center of each side with a staple from a staple gun. . Pull the fabric hard and smooth out any wrinkles. Staple around the base. Make sure the corners are still. Cut off excess fabric. Place the chair on the frame and secure the underside with screws. Place chairs around the table.

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