Types Of White Picket Fence House

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Small White Picket Fence House

White picket fence house that serves as a border or decorative touch for the landscape. This type of fence is a variant of a board-and-stringer fence that is constructed on a frame of vertical posts connected with two horizontal rails called stringers. The difference in fence styles is in the type of wood used, the silhouette of strike tops, and the finish line of the fence or the distance between strikers.

Traditional elements

A traditional fence is constructed between vertical white picket fence house fixed in the ground in concrete or compacted gravel. These four-inch with 4-inch inserts can be sealed with different styles of decorative caps in different shapes and materials. Typically made of wood, placing their covers is in glass, metal, and some in plant shapes. Examples of cap shapes are pyramid, ball and flat. Some function as lanterns.


The fence can be terminated in a variety of techniques. The white picket fence house is colored to preserve the beauty of this wood and has to be stained every year or two to prevent graying. Pressurized Southern Pine, John and Spruce can also be colored, but more often painted white. Some homeowners may want to paint their fences in a color that accents their house colors. Some fences are clad in vinyl to resemble painted wood and save homeowners maintenance of painted wood. There are fences styles available in metal, as well.

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