Types Of Style Valance Curtains

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Bamboo Valance Curtains

Valance Curtains – Window curtain is a type of curtain which covers only the upper part of the window. They are usually used for decoration than for functionality. Several styles of valance curtains are available, reflecting a decor that is based on simple fabric distinctions. Valance is a convenient way to add variety and color to your bare window or wall.
Ruffled valance has the same pleating as tailored valance curtains. Moreover, above the rod ruffled fabric creates a more complete look. This design is also slightly angled drapes over the rod to provide extra fabric along the edges of the window. Ruffled valance offers more character than tailored valance, which is often best suited for the kitchen windows.
Tie-ups include the valance band along the midsection of the valance to illuminate the room. This gown has angled sides ruffled valance, but stick the fabric is flat and clean lines. Once bound, the fabric under the wand appears swollen similar to the balloon valance. Pacific Landscape valance offers a diverse mix of other styles to give the window a dynamic look.
The balloon valance is structurally similar to the tailored and ruffled valances. Balloon style stands out among these hangings, however, because the fabric under the rod is inflated like a balloon. The balloon valance curtains gives dimension to a normal window and is ideal for bedrooms because of its smooth appearance.

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