Tricks To Make Valances For Bay Windows

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Attractive Valances For Bay Windows

The valances for bay windows are used when looking to create a simple and inexpensive decoration. The borders are key elements in a decoration which are used in almost all areas of the home, mainly in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. They create a simple and both elegant without requiring a large economic cost style, as only uses a portion of fabric, which is beautifully cooked. The borders can be placed alone in a window or can be added very thin curtains and no patterns such as curtains to complement the decor, giving more privacy and luxury in space. There are a variety of borders which are distinguished mainly by the type of material used for its production, because of their size, shape and processing.
Their prices are valances for bay windows and come with a standard length to be set in traditional shutters. When decorating the home with these pieces people have two options, one of them is to buy made to choose where the model should go hand in hand with the rest of the decor this at home, or you can send it to prepare or cook it with his own hand. This second option is the most accepted, since it ensures that the chosen model not only fit perfectly in the space where it is located, but also to harmonize perfectly with the rest of the decor on site.
As this double fence baking it must be removing pins. When sewing stitch in the machine must be straight and must be done all along the line of pins to form a tube through which the rod or tube will curtain. This tube is only a tunnel through which the stick curtains come. Then should the bottom of the tube shall be at the bar, for it must measure five centimeters from the seam line and then be measured again with pins. Again it has to cook the border using a straight stitch across the line of pins and then has to remove these pins. Finally there is an only valance for bay windows, slide down the tube and place it in the installed media valances for bay windows.

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