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Handmade Persian Rugs Bedroom

handmade persian rugs is becoming more apparent as some trends and characteristics of Eastern cultures features are becoming a hollow in styles of decoration to sometimes become key parts or designs in Western world. Far East we have come currents that have been influential in decoration and interior design such as Feng Shui. However, we have also been inspired by other cultures of Middle East, such as Persian rugs.
We have always opted for Eastern cultures and we considered it a good choice to combine decorative elements from different cultures to celebrate multiculturalism and get best of each style. Besides handmade persian rugs, which will always be a good fit in any space, you can find other products and items from distant lands such as Japanese beds, vases or porcelain figures.
While it is not known exact origin of carpets, some findings suggest that Pazyryk, a nomadic people who inhabited area between Mongolia and Siberia 500 years BC, already knew manufacture of carpets and used as an element decorative. His arrival in Europe did not occur until thirteenth century when merchants began to introduce handmade persian rugs to countries such as Italy or Netherlands, where painters like Giotto or Van Eyck immortalized making clear arrival of Persian carpets to Europe.

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