Tree Trunk Coffee Table Design

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Perfect Tree Trunk Coffee Table

Tree trunk coffee table – The addition of a tabletop to a tree trunk is a beautiful, natural and unique way to add a table to your patio or garden. Not only will you reuse the trunk of a tree, but you will save the money. With a little time and effort, you can create your own special table, respectful of the environment that is sure to be a topic of conversation. Choose a piece of wood for your table. Cut to the dimensions you want.
Build a base tree trunk coffee table. This can be as simple as four legs, square or round, which will hold directly to the top. Or you can build a frame joined on all fours on all sides of horizontal braces with the trendy elements on a wooden lathe, cut into special shapes with a band saw or similar tool or clashed with a saw table. The design of its base so that the screws or other carpenters that hold it together are hidden.
Stain the slab using multiple layers if you want a darker finish. Apply a layer of wood sealer to the slab after the stain has dried. Place the plate on top of the stump and use a level to make sure it is flat. Use a wedge, if necessary, to make the top level of the tree trunk coffee table. Drill four to six blind holes in the stump, depending on the size of the trunk. Use screws to fix the table top to the base tree trunk.

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