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Mold has a tendency to grow and thrive where the humidity is. That said, outdoor carpeting is an ideal place for mold, moss and fungi that adhere place. It may be ugly. It can be unhealthy as well. Fortunately, mold and mildew are easy to clean. Doing so will make your outdoor carpet last longer and better- Target Outdoor Rugs
Vacuum target outdoor rugs the area free from mold, moss or mildew. Rub the area with a combination of one part bleach and two parts water. Dry the carpet to direct sunlight air. Discard the vacuum bag as soon as possible. Contents after the job can be a health hazard in the home.
Place target outdoor rugs the carpet out of a sunny day in the sun and the sun is responsible for a mold problem or mild mold. Apply undiluted white vinegar with a brush or roller. This depends on the size of the affected area. A sponge will work for small areas. Clean the area until it is free of any mold, moss or mildew. Allow to dry out in the sun.

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