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Popular Exterior Doors For Home

Exterior doors for home – Door weather-stripping helps save money on energy bills. Maintain its efficiency means periodic replacement. The options for replacing exterior door weather-stripping range from a basic draft stop, such as self-adhesive foam that more effective types, such as reinforced plastic or vinyl pipe. Whatever type you choose, the replacement procedure removes old or worn weather-stripping and restores door seal.

Replace the weather-stripping on exterior doors for home; Open the exterior doors for home. Remove all existing weather-stripping from the doorway. Remove any pins or screws used to attach the old weather-stripping. Scratch also any residue or glue with a putty knife or scraper.

Replace the weather-stripping on an exterior door for home; Place one of the lengths of the weather stripping to the inside of the trim edge of the door frame to check that the weather-stripping will push hard against the surface of the door when closed. Then, attach with adhesive or fasteners provided. Repeat step to attach weather-stripping to the opposite side of the doorway; again check that weather-stripping pushing hard against the door surface when it is completely closed. After checking that the weather-stripping will push hard against the exterior doors for home when it is closed.

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