Stylish Birdcage Wall Decor

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Birdcage Wall Decor Bedroom

Decorative cages come in a variety of sizes and styles. If they are birdcage wall decor Vintage, Victorian aviaries or large, that can be used to add a striking focal point in your home. Use the natural shape of the cage itself, if you have a rounded top, a slanted top or sides of the cage with panels to create a decorative centerpiece for your home.
Place a vase of silk flowers inside a birdcage wall decor and placed it on the mantelpiece to serve as a focal point of the room. Put a small piece of florist foam in the vase, glue silk flowers into the floral foam and place around the vase in the bird cage.
Establish three pillar candles of different heights in birdcage wall decor and closed the door. Let sails off to serve as daytime display. If you choose to light the candles, circular slide under each candle mirrors to reflect light and to catch the wax. Do not burn candles in bird cages that are made of wicker or wood. Look for books with covers of leather or fabric fashioned at garage sales and thrift stores. To add a touch of color, slide markers between pages and allow peer out the ends.

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