Stunning Crown Molding Corners

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Crown Molding Corners Decor

Crown molding corners – If your ceilings are eight feet tall, stick with molded from two to four inches. A roof nine feet is molded to accommodate four to five inches wide. Highest ceilings can be your most molding. If you have very high ceilings (10 to 13 feet) its molding can be as wide as two feet. A molding dresses in a room and gives it that finishing touch. Crown molding is used primarily to decorate area where wall meets ceiling but can be used in other ways.

Crown molding corners are generally placed at corner where ceiling and wall meet. A traditional type of molding, is used to fill irregular edges and fill gaps or as a way to add style to a room. Molding can be plain or ornate. Ornamental trim covers entire range of styles Cartouche, cable, egg and dart, dentil and perceptible to eye, according Egg and dart molding consist of a series of forms that are egg-shaped with alternating forms anchoring tongue-shaped figures or forms dart.

Using dentil molding, consisting of spaced rectangular blocks. Rope molding resembles a rope. Crown molding corners in a variety of colors and finishes, including hand-applied antiquing and metallic paint. Gold leaf molding 18K is available. It is made of wood, ceramic and then covered with gold foil is applied. luster of gold can be just want you want in your formal living room.

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