Steps To Wool Rug Cleaning

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Image Wool Rug Cleaning

Steps to Wool Rug Cleaning – Nothing more pleasant for winter days can be home playing with the dog on a warm wool rug, however, worth you perform regular maintenance of this element, which is why today we will teach you how to clean carpets wool .
Steps to wool rug cleaning are easy; the first step is simple and involves removing the accumulated dust on our carpet. What you should do is take the wool carpet the usual space, preferably outdoors, and shake again and again until you have traces of dust. In our second step, take the vacuum cleaner and give one pass to the wool carpet. Ideally, you make sure that all loose particles are removed. It is best that the second step is repeated regularly to remove excess dirt.
Once all the powder is removed, removes stains that may occur by using the wool carpet. What you can do is to spray the carpet with a detergent solution and a sponge to remove the stain. Then dry your carpet and remove any excess moisture. Try to make the sun or fresh air that dry the carpet to have no odor with steps to wool rug cleaning.

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