Staircase Wall Decor Beautiful

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Staircase Wall Decor Modern

Staircase wall decor – The wall of the staircase that leads to the top floor of your home can be easily overlooked, since it is only a wall in passing, but that does not mean it can not add anything interesting or sophisticated in their home. The objects used to decorate the wall will determine the mood and look.
Some people find that staircase wall decor is difficult because every step above, the height of the wall changes, creating an uneven height. The major challenge is how we can add decorations without making the wall seem unbalanced or out of place. Often, people who will decorate the walls of the stairs can not decide where to hang paintings, family photos, wallpapers or any other type of frame.
The wall looks intimidating because some of the pieces that the owner apparently has no match. One thing we should remember of staircase wall decor is that despite the stair wall has a different format or size, it is still just a wall. Forget the stairs is a wall no matter where you place it. Hang family photos, paintings and any other gear must be equal to hang them on walls normal, as long as you remember the rule to always hang at eye level.

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