Solid Wood Exterior Doors In Perfect Color

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Solid Wood Exterior Doors Color

Solid wood exterior doors – Color choices may be most important factor in selecting paint. more intense color, more layers may be required to complete paint job. Latex paint dry faster, and thus more layers can be used more quickly. Also high quality acrylic is thicker, so they provide better coverage. Most professional painters choose to paint doors with oil-based paint, as they provide greatest protection to high traffic areas.

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two main varieties of solid wood exterior doors paint is latex paint and alkyd paint. Latex paints are most commonly used coatings today because they dry quickly and are often odorless. highest quality Latex paint is 100 percent acrylic. Latex paints are water-based, which means that cleaning has finished water instead of turpentine. Alkyd or oil-based paint, requiring turpentine or denatured alcohol for cleaning. Alkyd paints also dry slowly and produce a lasting odor caused by high levels of VOC, or volatile organic compounds. Alkyd paints have certain advantages.

How quickly solid wood exterior doors project should be finished, is often a key concern. If time is a factor, fast-drying acrylic is best choice and if smoothness of finish and durability are most important, as oil based paints are best choice. In addition to paint choice, it is important to remember that prep work will affect outcome of a paint job as much as it used black paint.

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