Small Fence Ideas In Good Option

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Small Fence Ideas Cheap

Small fence ideas – Using wood fence is a good option when you want to mix the vegetable garden in the surrounding landscaping. Using Strike Guard Fencing when trying to keep small animals and pets. Use rail fence when you need to keep out larger animals.
Using chain link small fence ideas when you need stronger material, which is also flexible. Using the fence with a maximum opening of 1 1/2 inches to keep rabbits and small animals. Bury the fence 6 inches into the ground to avoid any burrowing underneath. The height of the fence should be up to 8 feet high to keep deer from jumping it; you can also use this to hold livestock or horses out. Using height to create a trellis for climbing vegetables
Utilizing the trees when you want natural small fence ideas for vegetable garden. Using the correct trees like Leyland cypress or eastern hemlock, producing thick high coverage helps build a windbreak and keep out of many types of animals, such as deer or farm animals. Using smaller plantings, such as lilac bushes, which can be lower fence while welcoming beneficial creatures such as bees or hummingbirds to the garden. Use berry bushes as a natural fence, while also providing food for yourself and animals.

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