Simple Rolled Fencing Installation

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Garden Rolled Fencing

Rolled fencing – Fencing cane winding consists of thin long pieces of wood joined by flexible material along the length of the fence. Flexible components allow you to roll up the guide for easy transport. Willow branches or bamboo sticks wood options are suitable for a fence post.
Construction of rolled fencing: Determine the length of the intended location of the laminate stick and lie flat wooden pieces, parallel to each other in the same length. From a short section of wooden pieces, grouped by connective tissue cords, then roll up the final part before adding longer. This is useful if you must work in a small-scale environment. Use and coated stainless steel wire fences outdoor shot withstand the weather.
Installation: rolled fencing rod is light; you cannot drive on earth as a fence regularly. Instead, place the guide on the existing fence, as a link in the chain near the wooden slat fence using nails, which are U-shaped nails another option is to place the fence as high as the near stakes and spaced a few feet apart. Spacing horizontal poles runs along stakes also improves support. Installing the fence at the bottom stick with suspended soil slightly decreases moisture damage.

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