Shaker Crown Molding Installation

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New Shaker Crown Molding

Shaker Crown Molding – First, loosen the adjustment screw on the set square and the square edge 90 ° to 1/4-inch or the amount of crown for covering the movable upper face. Second, install 1-by-2-inch popular wood wherever the crown molding will be installed. Cut the lumber to length and attach it to the top about 1/8-inch back from the cabinet face.

Measure along the top face. On the crown piece just cut, measured along the edge of the bottom wall – side against the fence – from the cut and mark for cutting. Set the miter saw table to 45 degrees to the left, align the blade beside the point to leave the exact length of the crown measured and make the cut. Fifth, keep the shaker crown molding with the shortest edge down.

The lower end of the molding must be perfectly aligned with the corner of the furniture, while the lower edge aligns with the marks made earlier. Attach the crown to the popular board with nails 2-inch finish. Place a piece of crown molding on the miter saw table as before and cut the left and right ends to make them square. Attach the shaker crown molding with the famous nail 1-by-2 with 2 inches of the finish nailer.

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