Sew The Red Valance Curtains

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Best Red Valance Curtains

Red valance curtains You need: wooden boards, red cloth, tacks or velcro. Each red valance curtains is mounted on a dresser. If the window has shutters , we can use the dresser containing rewound dampers. If there is an existing drawer, you need to build one. We measure the space in which we want to put the red valance curtains. With three pieces of wood of the right size we produce a shelf. We attack the shelf above the window frame. We now come to the realization of the red valance curtains. First we draw a pattern, making sure that the two halves, using the same design. We verify that the measures are fair by trying it on the shelf.
Here the pattern on the fabric , leaving two centimeters along the entire perimeter to the edge. We sew all the way around, with special attention to the curves and corners. We apply a liner to the entire inner surface of the red valance curtains. The cover will serve to maintain tension on the fabric and to give a much more aesthetically pleasing effect. We attach the pelmet to the wooden shelf with nails , but it is preferable to use two strips of Velcro . The use of Velcro makes it much easier to remove the red valance curtains for washing.
A red valance curtains not only amplifies the aesthetic visual effect of the curtain , but it is useful to hide the bins of the dampers and to keep dust off the top of the frame . Finally, do not forget that the length of the red valance curtains must be proportional to the length of the curtain. For a three-meter long tent is suitable long valance about a foot.

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