Scarf Plaid Valances Color

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Plaid Valances – A scarf valance is a simple trick to create instant decorating sophistication in a showcase. A fabric length of the window width is cut, plus twice the desired placement on each side plus an additional 12 to 24 inches to the center in swag. When this piece of cloth is enclosed on all sides, it is ready to install. The only caveat is that if you use patterned fabric, cutting and sewing to one of the side pieces to the center length so that the pattern moves in the same direction on each side when the scarf covers. You can build the plaid valances fabric curtains or fabric drapery in a different color. Alternatively, you can use the color of curtains in a different texture or fabric in a contrasting color and texture different weight.
A scarf plaid valances the same fabric as the curtains are an effective way to add richness to a simple treatment of drapery. Using a different color of the same fabric increases the contrast effect. If you choose to use a different color, consider the look you are seeking. A color that has the same value (lightness and darkness) and intensity (brightness and opacity) and drapery fabric provide a subtle contrast. A color plaid that is significantly different in value and intensity provide contrast is dramatic.

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