Rustic Console Table Decoration Ideas

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Rustic Console Table Design Ideas

Rustic console table – Considering the small amount of space on the console table, the accents in less, the better. Whenever you have the table, the decoration in it should accentuate the table, as well as the space, not get away from it. Decorating the table can be a challenge, but it could have wonderful results.
Rustic console table decoration ideas, jar with flowers. One of the options he has with flowers is to use a regular, cylindrical vase with a large bouquet of flowers that extends beyond the sides of the vase; You can use false flowers if necessary. Another option is to use a larger vase, such as one that is rectangular, and fill it with flowers. Both options can help balance the size of the console with the single vase.
Tray with candles for rustic console table decoration ideas. Place a large, rectangular mirror tray in the center of the table, preferably one that has an elaborate frame on it. Place the pillar candles of different heights on the tray along with several loose crystals scattered along the bottom. Consider using candles that are off white, which can go with almost any color decoration. And ideal for a sturdy, solid mahogany console table with doors, buffet table lamps complement fine dark woods and feature panels that match the window panels found in the doors of many consoles.

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