Round Coffee Table Simple Decoration Furniture

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Round Coffee Table Modern

Round Coffee Table – Decorating the coffee table or coffee table is one of the things I like to do when decorating a house. It is enough with 4 objects to create beautiful compositions, you do not have to spend a lot of money, or any money, if you do not want to; and we can renew it as time passes, easily. As the Nordic-style coffee table that is the protagonist of today’s diy. A perfect idea to give a new image to a side table that we have at home.
As what characterize the Nordic style are simple and refined lines, making a round coffee table of this style is relatively easy. The good thing about this diy is that it is a way to reuse tables that we have already seen, or that are outdated. Once we have chosen the board that is going to make the table (which of course can also be square or rectangular), you just have to sand it well so that later the paint will absorb better.
Using spray paint the technique is very fast and simple. But you have to give it two or three layers so it looks good. Then, depending on the shape and dimensions of the round coffee table, it is necessary to mark from behind where the legs will be placed. The truth is that the natural color of the light wood is the best option to give you that Nordic image. They are screwed and ready.

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