How To Restful Office Chair Cushion

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Black Office Chair Cushion

Office chair cushion – Everyday use of chairs can cause the cushions to become flattened and uncomfortable. The pillow case can dive wrinkly and unattractive if the filling has lost its resilience, stick does not retain its shape. Pillows are usually filled with foam, polyester wadding, springs or a combination of these padding materials. Replacing padding in pillows provides more years of comfortable service from the living room chairs and is not prohibitive in cost


Unpack the cushion cover and remove the old solid foam. Measure the office chair cushion cover from the front to the back and side to side. Measure the depth of the cover. Measuring and marking foam, drawing cap lines with a marker. Cut new foam 1/2 inch bigger in all directions. Over time, the fabric can be stretched, so by cutting the foam the larger pillow case will again fit smoothly. A ribbed knife works well to cut foam. Fold foam into a layer of polyester wadding, with masking tape to secure it in place.

Push the new foam into the office chair cushion, fold the foam slightly to make the work in the hood easier and not strain the zipper. The work foamed in the corners and seams side of the lid until it lay straight and smooth. Pack pillows filled with loose foam or polyester. For pads that do not have a zipper, carefully wrap a seam on the back of the pad. Do not pick apart the seam completely open, a few inches will allow access to fill the fill. Add additional fill and shake it to solve and then add more if needed. Rest itch the seam by hand.

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