Remove A Sliding Shower Doors Frame

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Sliding shower doors frames can not last forever, and when the time comes to remove it, you do it yourself. A sliding shower door frame consists of four main parts: the header, the social partners and the base. Sliding fit in the grooves on the head and the base. The only thing holding the frame in place, screws and seal. When doors, screws and caulk are removed, the frame can be disassembled.

To remove a sliding shower doors frame, close the sliding doors. Lifting one of the doors so that the bottom lifts out of the base track. Lower the door so the top slips out of his head. Repeat this process to remove the other door. That the underside of the header track with a rubber mallet at both ends until it is removed from the side braces. Remove the beam from the frame. You may have to work it back and forth until the ends clearly Shower walls.

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Remove a sliding shower doors frame; undo the screws holding the side rails Shower walls, using an electric screw gun. Cutting silicone caulking along the side frames and base track. Use a utility knife to cut the caulking on both sides of the frame where it touches the walls and tub. Press the side frames with a rubber mallet until they get free from caulking. Press the base track frame until it comes free. Scrape up the remaining caulk with a razor window scraper or spatula. Use a cloth dipped in alcohol to rub off all caulk residues.

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