Process At Pond Dredging

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Double Pond Dredging

Process At Pond Dredging – Cleaning of the pond In general, in the autumn should the dead plants and blew down leaves are removed from the pond; this prevents them from rotting on the ground. A layer of organic waste in the soil increases the risk of solidification of the pond so that not only your overwintering fish will be more difficult, but also the chance of algae problems and poor plant growth in spring increases sharply. The best you can each day so as to remove the fallen leaf in the pond, it goes very well with a dip net.

The same applies to already decaying leaves or mud on the bottom; it takes away with a landing net where you may clean with pond dredging. Do you work well with very gentle movements so that you do not whirl through the entire pond fine silt? Also, be careful not to cause leakage if your pond is landscaped with pond liner.

It is not wise to pump the pond each year to clean the bottom; you can clean pond wit method pond dredging. It not only removes many useful small aquatic animals but can thus affect the bacterial metabolism significantly, and that is just in the winter is very important. It also provides a lot of stress for the fish present.

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