Problems With Curtain Valances

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Curtain Valances And Tiers

Curtain valances are a functional and attractive window treatment for most windows. If your home has arched windows, curtains, valance is a decorative alternative, but their limited coverage can cause problems. Valance curtains also require special curtain rods that can ill-fitting for arched window constructions.
Arched windows tend to have a wide perimeter. As the curtain valances are designed to cover only the upper part of a window, most of the window is left exposed. With minimal window covering can privacy be a concern unless additional window treatments such as blinds or shades are installed.
Arched windows are available in a variety of non-uniform sizes. Valances are made to fit standard size square windows unless you special order them. Standard size curtain does not fit most narrow arched windows because excess material buckles in the corners. A standard size coat is too short to adequately cover the wide arched windows.
Most cloak curtain rods are linear, but an arched window requires a semicircular curtain rod. A linear rod covers the actuate portion of the window, as a part of the wall on each side. Consequently conceals a linear curtain valances rod bending window and camouflages its unique architecture. Semi-circular curtain rods are difficult to find.

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