Popular Pottery Barn Wall Decor

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Dining Pottery Barn Wall Decor

Pottery Barn is furniture and home design store began as a single store in city of New York in 1949. At time company launched pottery barn wall decor in 1999, he had become a national chain popularly known for his opinion on casual-modern American style. Besides selling furniture and household items for entire home, company also offers design tips and has published a large library of books for home decoration.
Pottery barn wall decor uses slates in spaces designed for adults and children alike. A slate wall cubes and art supplies can keep kids busy for hours. Simply tape off an area of ​​a wall and paint with chalkboard paint. Most paint manufacturers recommend several layers for better finish. Hanging colored chalk cubes in large plastic hooks available to wall. Buy chalk dust and low, instead of erasers; provide children with damp sponges to further reduce chalk dust.
Own artwork watching a child can encourage her to have confidence in their abilities. Create pottery barn wall decor in bedroom: a permanent gallery and a rotating one. Framing most beloved pieces and hang them on a group in a place of prominence. In a larger area, mount several equal horizontal stripes of time-of corkboard on wall. Art insurance to corkboard with pushpins.

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