Plastic Chair Molding

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Chair Molding  Plastic

Chair molding – The plastic chairs are made of a number of different ways, all of which involve metal molds engraved with the desired shape. One of the most popular to mold furniture is known as a template or rotary, in which a large metal mold is injected with plastic polymer powder forms. This is heated to melt, and the mold is mechanically rotated to evenly distribute dimensionally polymers in the inside mold. After several minutes of jirar, the mold is cooled and the rotation is stopped. The mold is opened and the new chair is removed completely hollow.

Injection chair molding is another method to make plastic furniture. Again, a metal mold is used, but this time the result is not hollow but solid plastic. This type of mold does not rotate, but the polymers are heated to a predetermined temperature and range. After it is poured into the mold and cooled. A certain amount of accuracy must be used with this type of molding process because if the plastic is poured too slow, too fast withers. If poured too quickly, the result will not be a uniform plastic configuration. If done properly, the result is a seamless plastic chair molded in one piece.

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