Plan Of Prefab Stairs Design

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Wonderful Prefab Stairs

Prefab stairs – If you choose a two-story building or more than you will need a staircase to connect the floors. Good quality and an attractive design are important for the safety of your employees and your customers.  Prefab stairs can staircases that meet the building codes to include in the design of your building, supply and installation. Since you yourself do not have to think about it and to look for new suppliers. Prefab stairs takes care of you!

Prefab stairs are to be supplied entirely to the wishes of the customer. The stairs can be customized so different and they orations and length and width. Prefab stairs are great for outdoor use but also very modern inside in an interior. So North prefab stairs also provides steps with anti-slip texture. This not only provides additional security to the stairs but also gives the stairs a nice extra detail.

The prefab stairs must meet both the technical standards related to concrete in relation to safety. Once ready, they accept various finishing material: granite, marble, wood, porcelain, glass or any other type of coating. Currently they have also highlighted the prefabricated stairs in bare concrete. The construction of a staircase has four priority measures: the proportion of the rungs, the ladder length, the number of steps and the step width.

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