Pink Persian Rug Differ From The Others

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Pink Persian Rug 2015

Pink persian rug – persian rugs are named after the cities near which are woven. Each zone creates carpets with special features that differ from the others. The new Persian rugs usually have a central medallion with triangular angles. Around the medallion there with bouquets of flowers vines that create a color combination with the predominant background color. The main colors are blue, red, brown and green, perfectly combined between them. In some cities they do not use the central medallion and cover the entire carpet with repetitive motifs of flowers.
The city of Qom is located in Central Iran. Production of about Qum carpets began in 1930 and borrowed drawings from other parts of Persia or pink persian rug. The material used for the fabric is silk, making them particularly thin and strained. Most Qum rugs have curvilinear designs and elaborate nature motifs with intricate leaves and vines bouquets. Also, we observe inside vessels and hunting scenes.
As a whole Qom and pink persian rug, they may be bright with colors like light green, champagne color, turquoise blue, beige or dark colors like dark blue and red. Other colors used are pink, gold, yellow and orange.

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