Perfectly Comfortable Office Chairs

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Ashley Office Chairs

Office chairs – office is a place where many of us spend hours and hours every day. Predominantly to work, although we also spend hours in our offices listening to music, browsing the internet or reading. In any case, it is essential to find an environment in which we feel perfectly comfortable. Since it is a place where we will spend long periods of time. From the most pragmatic and simple to the most bizarre, we can find as many styles as different offices we visit.

What most attracts attention is the shape of the seat, without a doubt. Accustomed to seeing flat seats, the guys from Lento Gmbh have created this concept breaking all the molds about the image we had of an office chairs. The proportions are considerably different between the seat itself and the legs, creating an eye-catching design that emanates comfort.

The variety in this new art that is the design of chairs is so overwhelming that it makes it difficult to decide on a style … we hope that this book of ideas has helped you! Of course this is not the prototype office chairs that we all expected;   Simona Garufi gives a twist to this element with her Chiavi di lettura. Its high back and well polished wood make this furniture a perfect place to spend long hours. Its beauty, material and square shape make this wooden chair an object worthy of contemplation.

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