Painting The Water Lily Pond Claude Monet

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The Water Lily Pond Claude Monet

The water lily pond Claude Monet – Painting a lily pond will put you in illustrious company as a painter, following in the footsteps of Claude Monet. Painting a pond will allow you to improve your painting from the more static basic paintings. Print a photograph of lily pond you get to work from, or cut one from a magazine. Sketch out lily pond and the area around it with a soft pencil and light strokes. Start by painting the water in the water lily pond Claude Monet. Make a darker blue with less water and color in the areas of detail.

Mix a blue and green paint together into a turquoise color. Use this if it is necessary in the pond. Doing this will serve to bring the colors of lilies and will make the whole painting seems more harmonious. Mal lilies, with the lightest color green first, followed by the darkest. Mix blue paint with white, and use very little water. Paint small areas where the light is reflective. Paint the background of the painting and add small details, such as stone or stones in the foreground. The less water you need to mix the paint for the water lily pond Claude Monet. The sky should have much water in the paint mix and the foreground very little.

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