Painting Crown Molding In Elegant Look

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Dining Painting Crown Molding

Painting crown molding – Homeowners often use crown molding to add an elegant touch to a room. This decorative trim typically used to line edge where wall meets ceiling, but can also be used on cabinets or other built-in furniture. Painted crown molding in a room can give it a more distinctive look and help unify space. More choices when it comes to paint crown molding, ranging from subtle to bold and sophisticated to bold and modern.

Most traditional look when painting crown molding is to match color of window, door and baseboard trim in room to unify space. In most cases, homeowners use white or off-white paint to these areas because colors give a room a classic look and adds visual interest by points in space, so walls do not all blend together.

For homeowners who find idea of painting crown molding white or cream shade dull, using a color that contrasts somewhat with wall can give a whimsical look. Contrasting crown molding gives a room a tailored look that almost imitates a frame around a picture. When choosing a shade, do not choose a color that is too dark, which will draw too much attention to crown molding and overshadow other elements in room.

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