Nice Corner Window Curtain Rod

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Bay Corner Window Curtain Rod

While corner window curtain rod may look architecturally pleasing from the outside. Inside they can be problematic for interior decorators – amateur and professional alike. Corner windows can make the rooms seem narrow. And they allow sunlight to enter the rooms from two different angles. For these reasons, covering corner windows can be particularly difficult. For smaller spaces with corner windows. Such as bedrooms or bathrooms, consider the use of matching pairs, symmetrical curtains, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

These will help define each window while keeping the overall space tied together. In addition, the use of separate pairs of curtains for each window will allow you to open or close individually, which gives you better control of the incoming sunlight. For larger rooms with corner window curtain rod, such as dining rooms and living rooms.

Better Homes and Garden recommends using a continuous cloth that covers both windows. Continuous curtains allow you to completely camouflage your corner windows, which can be useful if the outside view is not particularly attractive. Alternatively, show your corner window curtain rod using a continuous curtain, either by sliding the fabric all the way to the side, or tie it up at its center (between the two windows).

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