Modern Japanese Dressing Room

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Japanese Dressing Room Design

Japanese Dressing Room – Locker we see in magazines and movies are usually wide spaces with lots of cabinets, chairs or stairs, and placed in the same houses impressive. In this article, we show you do not need to own a mansion to have a complete wardrobe. Let these ideas inspire you and add dressing to your home. If you do not spare us the square footage we make the most of every centimeter.

To do this dispenses with conventional doors and added to a closed sliding closet doors. There are plenty of models: colorful, Japanese – inspiring, mirrored interior. Visit platforms as homify. Is to choose the one you like. If the distribution of your home does not allow you to dedicate an entire japanese dressing room, but you have plenty of room in the bedroom or in the bathroom. I incorporate it in one of these rooms.

An open japanese dressing room is very suitable for small spaces, as it will bring some degree of lightness to the design of the room. The clothing also will be visible and the color of the garments encourages decoration stay. Just remember that this type of dressing is only suitable if you are ordering. If your apartment is really very small, what do you think buy a coat rack style? It occupies little space, is a piece very fashionable. Can choose the size that suits you and you can also move easily.

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