Modern Horizontal Fence Ideas

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Modern Horizontal Fence Panels

Modern Horizontal Fence Ideas – Fences tend to have a style bias towards rustic or natural patterns, but there are some fences styles out there meant for the landscape that has a more modern look. Contemporary fences tend to have strong horizontal and vertical lines to accent the strong lines of a modern home or landscape. With the right style, you can create a contemporary fence of almost any material.
Wooden fences are usually vertical boards attached to rails running between the posts, but to get a more modern look, consider ignoring the rails and just run the modern horizontal fence between the posts. The soft horizontal lines giving the fence a modern look and you can still have gaps in the boards to allow some light through. You can also change which side of the fence each board is, to create a shadowbox effect and allow the air to flow through the fence while still maintaining your privacy.
While a standard wooden or brick fence, each one looks old on their own; by combining the styles you can create a very modern design with modern horizontal fence. You can also make these kinds of fences, concrete, iron and even wire. Building the base of the stronger material and run lighter materials at the top. Keep everything symmetrical and has long, straight horizontal lines to give your fence a modern look.

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