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Color Aqua Valance

Aqua valance – A window is one of the most visible decorative items in your home. Dressing your windows in elegant, modern or traditional treatments not only make decorative theme for a room, but also allows you to express yourself. Long flowing curtains custom fitted on a living room window reveals a taste for luxury, while one print on a cotton fabric can show a need for simplicity. No matter what design you choose, a wooden aqua valance can be done to your preference
Design your wood aqua valance. Place a piece of particle board on a flat surface. Sketch length and width of the valance according to measurements of the width of the window and the amount of wood valance you wish to cover the upper part of the window. Trace your design on a cardboard and cut out the template. You can use this cardboard template later if you want to make a valance of the same size for several windows.
Cut the shape of the valance from the fiber board with a circular saw. If you are making design on the edge of the aqua valance, put the pages to the front valance. Add wood glue down the length of each side pieces of wood, and attach them to each side of the valance with nails and nail gun. Make sure that the pages are attached to the edge of the valance. You should have a wooden box with three sides.
Put your molding to aqua valance. Measure your casting to equal the length of the wood valance. Cut the molding with the miter saw. Cut the ends of the molding at a 45-degree angle and nail it to the front top edge of the wooden box, lengthwise.  Prime your valance. Let it dry and paint it. Let the paint dry completely. Cut your 1-inch-by-3-inch clear pine for the general ledger. The main book is what you hang on Valance. The length of the ledger should be an inch or two shorter than the inside length of the wood valance box. Screw the ledger to the wall. Place aqua valance box of the ledger and secure it with screws.

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