How To Measure For Bay Window Curtain Rod

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Bay Window Curtain Rod Set

Bay window curtain rod works great for the bay window and other corners where you want the curtains to hang over and not end in the corner. The reinforcing joint allows the curtain rod to coalesce at an angle rather than straight. It is easy to measure the sharpened curtain rods. If you have one angle, first measure the length of the two bars.

Next, you need to find out your corner angle. The easiest way is to use the finder corner. You can buy them very cheaply at home improvement stores. You can also use a degree bow or even print a degree arc from the internet. If you print one from the internet, tape or glue the paper on something harder, like a cardboard box. Hold the seeker corner to the wall and read the finder. For bay window curtain rod with one corner, you will give three numbers: the angle and length of the two bars.

Confirm with the manufacturer that he will make an appropriate reduction for the projection bracket. This ensures that your rod will fit the corner correctly. If you have two corners, you must provide a length of three bars and two corners. If you have a symmetrical bay window, for example, the corners should approach the same. The more corners you have, the more length and the angle you should find. That’s the article about bay window curtain rod.

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