Making Wool Area Rugs

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Best Wool Area Rugs

Carpets are a great way to decorate the home and provide a more personal style of the house. This time, we’ll show how to make a carpet of very original and beautiful wool. To make wool area rugs quickly and easily, give play and learn how to perform a wool rug. To make wool area rugs of pompoms, start by making the wool pompoms for this. Screw the wool circles for making pompons. Take the scissors and cut the edges of the wool.
Tie a piece of wool to unite all strands and remove the cards. Repeat with different wool and manages several pompoms to the carpet. Ata each pompom the base mat so that the colors remain staggered. Pompons placed as close together as you wish based on the carpet, but do not let them see the base. Once the base is completely covered, carpet ready.
Look how pretty it looks, sure can use it to decorate any room in your home. To learn how to make wool area rugs as this, it is imperative that you know make pompoms, if you do not remember how to make them, check out this tutorial. And with pompoms dominated technique, you can do other crafts like cushions with pompoms.

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