Making Persian Style Rugs

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You can make a design of a Persian style rugs woven and knotted traditional style or apply the beauty of Persian carpet design in any number of projects art or craft of embroidery stained glass mosaic. We will use the same principles in making Persian design whatever the medium. Familiar with design patterns of traditional Persian carpets and motifs before drawing a design.
Study of Persian style rugs. Survey of actual carpet in nearby shops when possible and look at pictures of Persian carpets in books or on Web sites like Park Persian rugs. Learn to recognize some of the most common reasons Persian style rugs. You will see geometric patterns of diamonds, squares, triangles, hexagons, stars, combs, crosses and stripes and curvy representations of trees jars, vases filled with flowers, leaves, flowers, fruits, fish, intertwined, paisley, dogs and flames, and compounds of both geometric and rectilinear in the field and the edges of Persian style rugs .
Consider the materials and colors to be used for project Persian style rugs. Look at the space where you plan to show the project to decide on a good color adjustment. Materials to match the complexity of the project, using simpler designs for small mediums less intricate.

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