Making Double Pedestal Dining Table

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Round Double Pedestal Dining Table

Double pedestal dining table is a common necessity. The varied needs of homeowners determine how many and what kind of table they want to use. Standard tables come with four legs and chairs that have to fit around the legs. But with a pedestal table, chairs can be placed around the table as needed which is an additional person. Pedestal size depends on the size of the table and is directly proportional to provide a perfect balance


Set the fence in the double pedestal dining table looked at 30 inches. Cut plywood over grain to give you a piece of plywood that is 48 inches by 30 inches. Repeat this to give you another one of the same size. Set it aside. Cut a third work the same as in Step 1. Then it will turn it over again, resulting in a square piece of wood that is 30 by 30 inches. This is in the middle of the edges. Draw a line towards the center of the plywood with angle hook. Repeat this with each mark until both pieces of plywood have a “+” on them.

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Draw a line from corner to corner with 48-inch straight edge. Repeat this on both pieces of double pedestal dining table. Do this on only one of the two 30 with 30 cm pieces. Then connect the marks with a straight line to create an octagon that is 20 inches above. Cut the lines with that skill saw. Set it aside. Measure from the midpoint this on the remaining 30 by 30 inch piece of plywood out to the edge 8-inches on each row. Then connect the marks with a straight line to create an octagon that is 16 inches above.

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