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Amazing Grommet Valance

Grommet valance – Curtains embellishing a window, while the screen edges embellish and let the light in. Valances are short curtains that hang at the top of your window. They can be created from the half-yard pieces of fabric and be an asset to your home decor. You just want the fabric to be a half times the width of your window so you have beautiful folds, not just a flat curtain. The grommets are applied over top of the fabric and you run a curtain rod through the holes in the collars and then hang the rod. Perform kit is easy to use and readily available at craft stores. You can use them for cloth at home on a desk. You only need a few basic tools, grommets and a grommet tool box, and you can make a grommet valance quickly.
Making grommet valance, Add the half yard of fabric on a worktable. Fold the edges under a quarter of an inch, and iron a crease in all edges.  Lay the fabric flat on a desk, and put fabric glue just below turned-over edge. Place the fabric wrong side up. The grommets will go on the top hemmed edge through both layers of fabric. Mark the centers of the grommet placement, six inches apart, in pencil. Open your carry kit and stand grommet punch in the middle of the pencil marks. Hit the punch with a hammer to make your depressions.
Grommet valance, Cut a cross in the center of each indentation with a utility knife. Cut the circle with scissors. Put the main part of the gland, with the lip, through the hole on the right side of the fabric. Place the short, round marketing tools on the workbench. Insert the upper side of the grommet into the slots on the tool, leaving the fabric wrong side up.

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