Making A Lime Green Valance Curtain

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Beautiful Lime Green Valance

Lime green valance – A valance fabric is a rectangular piece of cloth that hangs over the top of a window.  For uniform treatment window, use a decorative fabric such as velvet or brocade in the same tone as the curtains. Measure the lime green valance rod from one end to the other. Add 4 inches to your needs and make this figure the width of the fabric you will use to make your border. Also determine the length of the border, or how far you want to hang down. Although the length of the skirt will vary depending on the length of the window curtains, a suitable amount of protrusion is one-sixth to one eighth of the length of the curtains.
Lime green valance curtain, Pull the right side of the border fabric down on a table and remove any slack. Use sharp scissors to cut fabric to the desired length and width. Create a fold of 1 inch above the bottom long edge of the fabric. Iron the cover to hold it in place, or insert a row of pins through it.  Sewing folds along all four edges of the rectangular fabric using a seam 5/8.
Fold the top edge along the fabric by 3 inches. Press the fold along this edge so it is straight before ironing the crease or the insertion of a row of pins through it. Sew a line to reinforce the collapsed section, thus forming a pocket or sleeve lime green valance bar stitch. Turn the lime green valance right side up on an ironing board and iron the wrinkles across his forehead. Push the lime green valance rod through the sleeve or pocket.

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