Making A Box Pleat Valance

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Awesome Box Pleat Valance

Box pleat valance – When you create a pleated valance, first indicate that the structure created on paper. For each pleat spacing between each pleat should be six inches to eight inches. Suppose, for example, that the net is made up of five times. Most of the material is not sufficiently broad to Valances and must be drawn up. If the Council use the mosquito nets 4 “back in hand, it is not necessary. In the case of the last one or two on each side of the thumb can turn on, or cut, according to the width of the window or inside the corner of the block.
Valance Board should be about 4 inches wide and long enough to come to the edge of the window casing box pleat valance. At the top of the netting must be at the level of the upper edge of the window trim or casing. For a good effect is completed, the Board should be covered with a layer of similar material on the line. The net is then affixed to the edge of the Board.
If the curtain rod used for netting, three rods can be purchased. The inner rods used for curtains of glass, which is central to the blinds over and one outside the netting. Box pleat valance can be attached to the curtain rods. Hooks sewn back into pleats when the flap is done. Other hooks can be placed between the folds, which help to keep upright. The ring is sometimes used as a hook and slipped through the stem.

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