How To Make The Shower Curtain With Window

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Shower Curtain With Window Valance

Shower Curtain With Window – Decorations for your home can often be expensive and difficult to coordinate. Save money and frustration by sewing curtains from the window of a shower curtain that already matches your bathroom. You can create multiple curtains based on your measurements and use what is left over to make mooring game.

Measure your rod of shower curtain with window attached to determine the size of the window curtain. Add approximately 6 inches wide, depending on your preference, to allow the fabric to crack on the rod and still adequately cover the window. Look for the existing side or bottom seams of the shower curtain, and measure from the seam to the edge. You can double that number and add it to its width and length.

Start at the top of each side of the shower curtain with window, and cut it to the size you need. Keep the fabric by making only two cuts, one side and the bottom. Set the rest of the shower curtain aside. Create an edge ruler by folding the cut edges back and placing pins evenly along the fabric. Sew each side of the curtain by placing the fabric over the sewing machine. Iron the entire curtain except for the upper bar casing. Place the curtain rod on the upper rod housing and hang it on your window. Adjust the curtain on the rod as necessary.

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